Earl "Winter" Spencer

Earl Spencer is a native of Queens, New York. Influence by his parents, who are both artists, Earl Began listening to various forms of music at an early age. In high school Earl learned to play drumset, timpani, and snare drum, and joined several jazz and classical ensembles. After high school, he began to explore something that was always close to his heart, African percussion and culture. Already a studied conga player, Earls African studies served to enhance that which he knew and open new doors of percussive music. His musical talents has led him to perform all over the world. Earl constantly participates in numerous musical groups and various dance classes. He incorporates many different percussive styles in his work, including Haitian, Afro-Cuban, Brazillian, and West African musical traditions. Earls main goal is to continue to study the vast world of percussion, and to share his joy for music with others.