Eldio Rolim "Cabello"

Born in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil, Cabello keeps the tradition of his ancestors alive by dedicating his life to the rhythms, instruments, songs and dances of the Afro-Brazilian culture. Cabello has been performing and teaching in the US since 1990. A professional capoeirista with 20 years' experience, he is proud to be student and a senior practitioner under the world famous capoeira master Mestre João Grande. He studies Afro-Brazilian rhythms and dance as a disciple of master drummer Jorge Alabê, and participates in Brazil at traditional gathering and spontaneous festivals, besides working in New York and abroad. Currently, Cabello is performing with Cyro Baptista and his recent project “Beat the Donkey”, and the Batoto Yetu African dance company. He can also be seen in the world tour of Urban Tap and Cool Heat, Urban Beat. www.caxixi.com cabello@caxixi.com