PALMS DOWN is a group of world-renowned percussionists based in New York City. Our goal is to educate children and young adults in percussion music from African-based cultures. 

Percussion-Lecture Demonstration 

PALMS DOWN offers several high-energy Percussion-Lecture Demonstrations (PLDs) that are fun and informative. Our presentations will introduce the audience to a wide array of percussion instruments and rhythms.  The audience will also become a part of the show through call and response techniques. 

PLDs are a great way to get your students excited about music and dance.  With each 45-60 minute program, we will introduce several instruments and their origins.  The students will be shown the proper playing technique for each instrument. 

There will also be an interactive section, where several students will be asked to join the musicians on stage to experience some of the instruments first-hand. 

1-Person PLD 

Book a 1-Person PLD for introduction to several instruments and basic playing techniques. Students will have fun learning hand claps, claves, and rudimentary rhythms. 

2-Person PLD 

Booking a 2-Person PLD enables students to hear the complexity of the music. Along with introducing instruments and playing techniques, two musicians will demonstrate the communication between the instruments. 

3-Person PLD 

Book this workshop to explore the poly-rhythmic side of percussion music. More students will be able to participate on stage as we break into separate groups. Students will understand how several instruments work in harmony to create one sound. 

Complete Band PLD 
(4-5 musicians, 60-90 minutes) 

In addition to exploring the poly-rhytmic side of percussion music, each musician will work with small groups of students on stage.  The Complete Band PLD culminates in a short concert by Palms Down's extraordinary musicians. This workshop is ideal for 2-Period or afternoon Assemblies. 


Palms Down Percussion offers Afro-Dance as well as Afro-Percussion residencies. Be it a day, a couple of weeks, a semester, or an entire school year, we will customize our program to meet your needs. To make sure that everyone is working towards the same goals, we begin each residency with a workshop for the teachers involved. We do this to ensure that our work is in sync with your curriculum. 

Outside NYC 

Any location more than 50 miles from NYC gas, transportation and lodging fees will be added.  Price will vary depending on distance, number of staff and workshops provided.